How Does George And Lennie's Relationship Develop Throughout The Novel

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How does George and lennie’s relationship develop during the first three chapters? In the novel of mice and men, George and lennie’s relationship builds and gets stronger in the first three chapters but does encounter some rough patches between the two travelling friends; on search for a job to get them their dream house one day. George and Lennie are travelling together in search of a job to earn them some cash. Spending every minute of every day with each other does have an effect on how their relationship develops in chapters one to three. In chapter one George and lennie are on the run from their recent destination of weed, they were chased out of there after an incident involving lennie and a girl. They’re now travelling seeking to…show more content…
With other workers around George becomes extra cautious of lennie as he cannot predict what actions lennie is capable of with different people around him now, not just George. A crucial part in the book that shows George’s true colours on how he feels about lennie is when he looks out and protects lennie from Curley who is the boss’ son. Curley really takes an eye to lennie and threatens him numerous amount of times. This then leads to George to become very protective over lennie showing that he cares deeply about lennie and needs to keep him apart from curely so there is no trouble between the two of them. A quotation to show that George puts all the negatives of lennie behind and looks out for him in an important situation is when he worries as he sees Curley for the first time and immediately spots trouble “ya know, lennie, I’m scared I’m gonna tangle with that bastard myself. I hate his guts”. This shows that on lennie’s account that George is very cautious of what Curley could do to lennie and will not let it

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