Lennie's Keeper Analysis

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Of Mice and Men Final Draft In our society we need to be our brothers keepers in order for society to work in the way we need it to. I have a little brother and I feel obligated to teach him the right way to act. In Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, George is the perfect example of being a keeper to Lennie. George isn’t obligated to take care of Lennie, but George doesn’t want to see Lennie Fail. George assumes the role of Lennie’s keeper by giving him protection from getting into trouble, being a role model, and giving Lennie a companionship the way a big brother would. If it weren’t for George keeping Lennie out of trouble he would most likely be living a hard life in jail. Throughout the novel Lennie has shown many times that he cannot seem to stay out of trouble, which is when George comes to save the day. For example, George tries to keep Lennie out of Curley’s way, knowing that he has a grudge against him. When George hears that Curley hates big people he takes action knowing that Curley will hurt Lennie at any chance he gets he tells Lennie, “ Look Lennie, You try to keep away from him, will you? Don’t never speak to him. If he comes in here you move clear to the…show more content…
George does a great job being there for Lennie and giving him a companion. Lennie loves to pet things, but often he pets them to hard and ends up killing them, which frustrates Lennie. George senses Lennie needs a pet for comfort, so he gives him a puppy so that he doesn’t need to worry about killing small mice, “ I will get you a puppy Lennie, I promise”. George knows that a puppy is all that Lennie has ever wanted and gives him one so he can have a companion and not be lonely any more. George giving Lennie this puppy as a companion adds even more to the fact that George will do all he can to give Lennie the safest and most comfortable life
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