George And Lennie In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Text Question 1) George and Lennie are two migrant workers that have arrived at Taylor’s Ranch and are inspecting their sleeping area in the bunkhouse when Curley walks in. 2) Throughout this Passage I believe Curley behaves aggressively, especially towards Lennie, while George remains calm but Cautious. Lennie continuously looks to George for help making the readers feel sorry for him but hostile towards Curley. As soon as Curley walks in there is a sense of authority as “like the boss, he wore high heeled boots.” At this statement the reader may feel that Curley should be respected as clearly he is authoritive and is an important figure on the ranch. He immediately becomes hostile towards George “He glanced coldly” and wants to fight Lennie “his hands closed into fists”. He is…show more content…
Curley has obviously decided it is not worth fighting him but before he leaves he instructs Lennie as he still wants to intimidate him and show him that he has an authoritive figure. In this extract Curley has clearly unnerved Lennie as Lennie constantly seems to be in some discomfort for example “Lennie squirmed under the look and shifted his feet nervously”. John Steinbeck does well to produce powerful imagery by simply using the word “squirmed”. This shows that Lennie is embarrassed and does not know what to do and this causes tension as Curley senses his advantage while George is worried about a possible confrontation. Another example is “Lennie twisted with embarrassment”. This shows that he is humiliated by Curley and just wants him to leave as he does not know what to say in reply to Curley and is rather like a hedgehog as he wants to curl up into ball. “Lennie was looking helplessly” shows his helplessness and inadequacy to sort out the problem as he needs to George to step in and help him. He cannot deal with the situation and is unable to get out of it without somebody else’s

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