Brothers Are The Same Short Story

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Brothers Are The Same The New World Dictionary defines courageous as “The state of quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger with self possession confidence, and resolution; bravery.” Just like kids standing up to their bully and telling them to stop after many years of pain. In the short story “ Brothers Are The Same”, by Beryl Markham, Medoto proves to be such a character. His audacious domineer made Temas believe he thought dissatisfactory of him. This manipulated him to letting his nerves get the most of him, when he fought to be warrior. The first way that Medoto showed his undaunted side was when he sought out his jealously “ My comrade, we who are Masai know the saying, a man asks not…show more content…
It is a just demand . If until now, I have seemed your enemy, it was because I feared you would be braver than I, for when I fought my lion my knees trembled and my heart was white, until that charge was made.” (369). This comment was vigorously instructed, so he knew he felt highly of him. Medoto routinely played on his fears of losing respect from others. He knew if Temas didn’t learn this, he would forever doubt himself. Another way that Medoto showed courageousness was when he proved how he felt to Temas, no matter how hard it was for him. “He smiled. It is no good to lie, I wanted you to fail, but when I saw you hesitate I could not bear it because I remembered my own hour of fear. It was then I threw the stone, not to shame you, but to save you from shame.” (369) He was brave enough to tell him, he himself was scared. Even if it meant him losing the name of the man and warrior Finally, Medoto‘s dauntlessness took a dire and treacherous turn when he deviously gave the girl of his dreams to Temas. He did this because he proves himself A warrior and a man. “If in his battle the young Temas proved himself a warrior
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