Doodle Character Analysis

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This story captivates the sense of what a true brother is. It shows how one person can do a lot to help another learn what he thought he could not achieve. This was all done by one person, the narrator. The author chooses Brother to be the narrator because he gives the story Subjectivity and Objectivity which all gives Character Development. Brother brings Subjectivity to the story because he is with Doodle in the most important times of Doodles life. For example, when Doodle was born, Brother plots that he is going to kill Doodle because he does not think that Doodle will live for long and Doodle was not completely there so he was going to smoother Doodle with his pillow. This shows that this is a child narrator by the way he speaks saying…show more content…
For example, Brother shows the development because in the story he teaches Doodle how to walk which then give the story some development. This shows the story is developing in to more conflicts that move the story on. This further shows how this caused more things progressed to give Doodle and Brother goals. In addition Brother as he grows up starts to change his thoughts of Doodle, and that he doesn’t want to kill him because there is really somebody in him. This illustrates that he wanted to kill Doodle because he didn’t do anything. This further proves that he really wants a brother to play with because he wanted a brother to run with and box with. Also Brother at the end of the story cry when Doodle die but at the beginning of the story he wants to kill him, as Doodle dies in the rain he cries for him, but in begging of the story fells some sort of hate for him. Therefore, this shows that over the time of knowing Doodle he matured and saw that Doodle really wanted to do all he could and be the best brother he could. Moreover, Brother wants to help Doodle but at the end as he sees he pushed Doodle to hard he cried because he regret all he did to him and thought about him. Thus showing how this development affected the

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