Tigertown: A Brief Summary

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Once upon a time, there a young lady by the name of Nathanda, but we will just call her Candy. Candy lived in the North, and helped all the poor little black people fight against slavery. She believed that the southern hicks were complete and total jerks for keeping these amazing people as pets. Good thing the North just won the Civil War, and all of them are free to do whatever they please. Now, Candy had a best friend by the name of Nathaniel, but we will just call him Nate for short. Nate lived next door to Candy’s farm, and made sure Candy was on her best behavior at all times. Nate was one of them slaves from the south. Candy helped set him free, so that is how they became such good neighbors. One day Nate and Candy went for a horse…show more content…
Now these two are known as the cutest bickering couple in the history of Tigertown. They show their deepest love through the most terrible of arguments. These two met a long time ago in a wee little school house, way down yonder by the crick. They always did their projects together, and even completed their moodles, whatever that is, on a rock slate. Nate and Candy made their way up to the crumbling couple’s house and rapped on the door. The wife, Paulette, answered the door and invited them into the house. On the stove was a fresh pot of tea and fresh baked apple pie was sitting on the window sill, ready to be eaten. Candy remained in the kitchen with Paulette, while Nate ventured out to the barn, were Paulette’s husband, Steven was feeding their three…show more content…
Steven was the first he met up with, and he was just bickering with Paulette from across the riot. Nate ran into Herr Schulteis next, and he had just spilled ketchup on his brand new stripped shirt, and was licking it off. Then, right before Nate made it to the middle; Candy’s daddy came up behind him and gave a big slap on the rear. What for, the world may never know. Nate decided since he did not see Candy he would just continue on with this traitorous journey through the riot. Before leaving the middle, Herr Schulteis came out of nowhere and had a giant sack of roasted peanuts. Nate flipped a lid because he was allergic to peanuts, and started running. Herr Schulteis saw him running and thought Nate was playing the game of “see how far you can throw a peanut”, and threw a peanut right into Nate’s mouth. Nate then had a very severe allergic reaction and passed out. Everything then started to happen in one giant blur. The crowd split to see Nate’s passed out, peanut reacted body. Mayor Gundrum ran to Nate and checked his pulse, he was still alive. Candy screamed at the top of her lungs and ran to Nate’s side. The Harry Potter Girls started to sing the tune Hallelujah. Paulette and Steven were bickering if they should call his parents. Herr Schulteis, shrilled with terror and went to Nate’s

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