GLBT Community: Rage In West Hollywood

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Interactive experience The event that I decided to attend for this part of our research on the GLBT community was a gay club called Rage in West Hollywood. I went with fellow classmates Michelle, Anthony and Sara. I was very excited when I heard that we would be going to a club up in Hollywood, I had no fear of exploring this new diverse culture. I differently had a unique experience to say the least with a man dressed in thigh high pleather boots, a black mini skirt and a red top. I learned from this beautiful culture that there is no difference in my opinion from them to me. I believe what I really learned about myself, that is as this class goes on and we are learning about all these different cultures, it doesn’t matter what color you are, what your background is, what your sexual preference is, it’s who you are as an individual that really matters. When Anthony,…show more content…
I can’t remember his name, but wow my experience with him is something, that I will never forget. I first saw him standing with Sara and her cousin outside, so I went out there to talk to them. Well come to find out this cross dressed man, was very eccentric. He seemed straight, because he kept asking to “fuck me” (sorry about the language). He was very perverted and would kiss Sara, her cousin, Michelle and I on the neck and he even licked Michelle’s ear. We did take a few pictures with him, and in all of them he would not stop grabbing my butt. I asked him a few questions, such as does he always dress this way? He told me no, he only does this as a hobby on the weekends, and that’s why he was alone because none of his friends like to be with him when he is dressed that way. He seemed a bit erratic to me, like he could have been on cocaine, because his speech was fast and he always seemed on the go. He ended up leaving us after about ten minutes to go to another club called the

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