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Nineteen minutes character summary: Josi Cormier. Another gunshot echoes through the hall, a second ago the world was quiet, serene- now it's complete chaos. Everything started because of a single action followed by a string of events that led to another action and now this. The first thing was a word, a single sound that escaped someones mouth and entered everyone arounds ear "Loser." The word slithered through the air and soon everyone was laughing, including me, at Peter- the one the word was aimed at. The word then changed his life, it changed so bad that he went from being my happy best friend to the depressed loner. I never knew how depressed he was, not until today when he stormed into the highschool and pulled out a gun, taking open fire at everyone. I ran instantly, trying not to look at the bodies, the blood, the terror in the eyes of the people i've known all my life and then fade into nothing as they dropped to the floor never to get up again. I tried to get away, to convince myself it was a bad dream, it wasn't real, it was just a nightmare that'll be over in the morning and I'll never think about it again. I tried to escape reality, but then it caught up to me when my boyfriends hand caught my wrist and he wrenched me beside him, trying to…show more content…
"why don't you play soccer like your brother, Joey?" because I hate soccer. "Why don't you have a friend over this weekend, like Joey is?" Because I don't have any friends. "why don't you talk to Josie anymore" Because she's forgot about me. My whole life has been one unbearable day after another, its been hours of pain, of tears, of depression. My whole life has been picked up and dropped on top of me because I don't listen to the right music, I don't wear the right clothes, im not muscular enough, my voice isn't deep enough, the list goes on and on. My whole life is over. It has been since it started. One

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