So, You Think Your Life Sucks?

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So, You Think Your Life Sucks? “My life sucks!” A certain student in our English class (he sits right behind me) cries after he realizes I achieved a higher grade on a paper than he did. This student, he who shall not be named, was extremely upset about this rather unfortunate incident and he truly believed his life was terrible due to this one instance. Now, we all know that he has no chance of rising up to my level of awesomeness and that is nothing of which to be ashamed. However, this particular student still felt that his life was horrible because of this. Tears streamed down his face as he stared at his paper, something he had worked very hard on for several days. When the bell finally rang, he slowly left his seat and scuffed his feet on the ground as he trudged to his locker. “My life sucks!”, “Why did this happen to me?”, and even “I’m going to kill myself!” Everyone I know, and most likely everyone you know, has said at least something similar to these negative statements. People in America (and teens from all over), usually the ones who have no right to, whine about how horrible their life is when some insignificant problem comes up. They won’t be allowed to go to a party or they have to redo a simple chore due to the lack of effort put into it the first time around. I admit, I too am occasionally guilty of this. But, let’s consider this. Does our life truly suck? No, it doesn’t. Everyone has problems, some worse than others, but really we have nothing to complain about. People all over the world are starving, being treated cruelly and unjustly by their government, dying at very young ages, and doing slave labor. Others have terminal diseases, such as AIDS. What causes most American citizens, particularly adolescents, to whine about our, oh so miserable existence? We have to attend school to get an education to better our future, something that
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