Three Best Ways To Be Happy Here And Now Essay

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Who doesn’t want to be happy? We all do. This doesn’t mean we all are happy though, and one of the reasons for this is because we’re not used to being happy in the present, instead living with hopes to be really happy some time in the future. No matter how healthy, good looking, successful and rich you are, you still feel the need to push a bit harder, postpone your happiness by a bit more, just to be really happy some other day. This being a human nature, we keep pushing our happy days forward again and again, as if our time in this life has no limits. Well, it does. And before it’s too late, take time to be happy right here and right now. Here’s how! Smile Too simple for a happiness recipy? Try it, then ask yourself again! You see, the physiology of smiling is such that no matter how depressed you are, just forcing yourself to smile for 15-30 seconds is guaranteed to make you feel a bit better. If you’re not used to smiling, it’s going to take some practice, but the longer you keep forcing your smile, the easier and more natural your smiling will get. Start slow and train yourself to smile for just few seconds every day. If it feels like the worst moment of your day and you can allow yourself a few minutes alone, go somewhere and force yourself to smile. Don’t think about it! Don’t try to make your problems seem less important than they are. There is no need to analyze anything. Just smile. It’s a physical thing – smile and look out for the signs of feeling better. Be Thankful Now that you’re smiling, it’s time to learn another very effective way to immediately feel happy: being thankful. We all have so much to be thankful for, yet the routine of our days make us take it all for granted. There’s so much going on that we simply do not have the time to be thankful anymore. If something happens in a favorable way, we simply move on as

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