Comparing What's Eating Gilbert Grape And Of Mice And Men

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The character in “Whats Eating Gilbert Grape” and Of Mice and Men by John Stienbeck reveal that people who are at a disadvantage in life weather it be their own problem or something that someone puts upon the must find something that they can use to escape those things in order to find thier own happiness. An example from Of Mice and Men is the character Lennie. Lennie has a disability and has to live with it. he gets around well by his friend George who takes of him he watches over and makes sure Lennie stays out of trouble. Lennie enjoys being happy from the little things in life. He enjoys rabbits and soft things and is very happy. Whenever Lennie gets scared or something frightening is happening around him Lennie always thinks about his best friend George and thinks of what he would do and what George has said. An example from the text that shows George and Lennie being close and Lennie thoughts of society is when George says “But not us! An’ why because... I got you and you got me to look after, and that’s why. (Steinbeck 14).” This is Lennie thinking his way of escaping what society thinks…show more content…
This is Gilbert. Towards the end of the film Gilbert doesn’t allow Arnies disability hold him back. in the beginning Gilbert never liked brining his brother around because he always caused trouble and bothered Gilbert. Eventually Gilbert started to hate and arnie and ended up hitting him. this is was big eye opener for Gilbert because he realized he shouldn’t be letting arnie hold him back from being happy in his life. he then began to live with the way arnie acted and his challenges he accepted them and allowed him to find happiness. This is a great example of a character not letting someone or something confine them and end up being happier than those around

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