Escapism This Boy's Life

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Escapism and Alcohol In the society, people tend to have various problems in their lives and environment, and some people may choose to ignore it or face it. It is normal for people to evade such things, and focuses their mind on other subject that may give them happiness inside their problem. People usually call this act as Escapism. As you all may know, Jack, the main character of the novel This Boy’s Life faced numerous of problems from his childhood to his teen. You may call that imagination has always been his friend, and imagination is what makes him able to face his everyday matters. Escapism is basically a way of refocusing one’s attention on pleasant or enjoyable things, as opposed to the hard realities of the everyday world. Escapism is always related to imagination, because it’s the essential matter to keep you out from reality. Jack uses his imagination as a place of refuge when the problem and abuse got hard on him in Chinook. Before Chinook, in Utah, Jack’s already imagining things, and it keeps him out from stressfulness, boredom, and depression. You can see it when Jack got the Winchester .22 rifle from Roy, he always imagining shooting people from his apartment and he’s doing it because he likes to have power over people. If imagination is the basic ‘ingredient’ of escapism, there are another medium that is shown in the novel about escaping his reality. In everyday life, we usually see people attempted to run away from their depression by drinking alcohol. Most of the characters in the novel drink alcohol to temporarily run from their current problem and obscure the harsh and bitter side of the reality of their lives. Drinking is meant to temporarily relieve pain and give a false sense of satisfaction. It allows Jack to temporarily resist and forget Dwight’s authority and escape into a better life in his imagination. The theme of escapism
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