They Lying Game: The Ramifications Of ABC Family

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Ramifications of ABC Family Belief systems—oftentimes stowed away, unknown to us—play an enormous role in our decision making. People think they are making their decisions but in reality their subconscious is deciding what to do or not do. If we did not have belief systems, how-to’s would solve all our problems—the best salesman could teach everyone how to increase sales, the best husband could teach men how to be loving husbands, and the best physical trainer could teach everyone how to lose weight. But there are billions of people that know how to do something but don’t. The truth is, most people do not do what they are told to do, nor do they do what is best for them. Human beings will always go back to making decisions based on the…show more content…
Emma helps out around the house, treats friends and foes with respect and conducts herself reasonably well. It is obvious to everyone that she is undoubtedly nicer than her devious counterpart. Sutton's father, Ted, jokingly asks her, "Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" The show seems to suggest how bad and corrosive lying can be, with several good characters talking about how important it is to be honest and truthful, particularly in regards to one's family and friends. Nevertheless, those very same good characters lie to each other constantly, even while understanding how two-faced they're being. Secrets pile on top of secrets, making these characters more duplicitous than The Kremlin ever was. The unbelievable deception and absurdity is enough to make the casual viewer want to pick up the television set to try to shake some common sense into all of them. However, it is this exaggerated world of troubled teen romance and sparkly clothes and tasteless drama which is exactly what attracts the demographic that it does. Like almost all the shows ABC Family airs, it appeals to teenage girls—who are able to make their own decisions and develop their own beliefs but, nonetheless, are still very impressionable. The problem is that if everyone confessed and made right, The Lying Game would quickly lose both its name and its reason for being. People do not typically want to watch…show more content…
The creator of the show, Brenda Hampton, said that the original title was The Sex Life of the American Teenager. In fact, it would not be surprising to find that many viewers would agree that such a name is much more fitting. Once again, the title, or what could have been the title, just gives the first glimpse of the show’s preoccupation with sex and all the inevitable baggage it brings. Teens hook up, break up, and make up at an alarming rate, bringing in a multitude of concerns ranging from abortion and child abuse to promiscuity and abstinence. While the show may have begun as a warning against teen pregnancy, it since has come to include a whole slew of dramatized

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