Reality Television Critique

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Reality Television Critique After suffering a brutal hour of ridiculously cheesy, and fake commercials, as well as a tedious television program, I have learned more than ever how much I despise reality television shows and all that go with them. I used up my hour watching the Maury Povich show on KTVU. The theme of this particular program was young women who were particularly unattractive as children, and then smoking hot, sexy ten’s, as they grew older. These “ugly” young women were all ditched on their childhood dates or proms for other more attractive girls. These girls talked about being teased continuously, as well as not having many friends because of their apparent hideousness. One girl even talked about dropping out of school because she was teased so much. After doing a review of each of the girl’s lives before, the producers unfolded each of them to bouncing techno music and little clothing. These attractive women were much improved than there childhood pictures behind them. The producers then would bring out the boy who seemed like he was still going to be right, but then, all of a sudden, out comes an attractive young woman and loud techno music. This certainly made for some great television by showing attractive women getting back at stupid boys for ditching them before. There is nothing quite like redemption by rubbing it in these guys faces. Although there was a very positive underlying theme of not teasing people, I realized I am glad I don’t watch these kinds of shows very often, and I will continue to avoid reality television. I found the Maury show to be a little under my level of expectation and enjoyment level. As a fan of the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel, I found this show to be a little too stupid for me to enjoy, which seems to be the general theme for reality television shows. This show seems aimed at inner-city

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