Theory of Teachin Ii Assignments Essay

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University of Sunderland Theory of teaching 2 EDE 313 (2014-­‐15 sem3 AIL) Name: Student Number: Number of words: 149054568 5100 Assignment 1 Plan and support individual educational needs. Differentiation approaches. In the lessons observed in Year 8 English literature, the main objective was “reading for meaning from newspapers “. There were some strategies applied for differentiation in terms of classroom organisation and grouping in order to help students with dyslexia access knowledge. In addition, the newspapers allocated were matched to students’ abilities. During the lessons both self and peer assessment would be used as tools. “Cooperative learning approaches have been regarded as one of the most frequently recommended strategies for effecting the inclusion of students with disabilities in regular education classrooms”(Jenkins and O’Connor 2003; Mastropieri, Scruggs, and Berkeley 2007). In the class observed, “the partnerships allocated to improve

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