Theft of Iduns Apples Summary

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Odin, Loki and Hoenir were traveling together and left Asgard without any food. After traveling far they realized they were hungry when they saw a herd of oxen. They decided to slaughter an oxen and eat it. After cooking the oxen and trying to eat it, the flesh was still raw, so they cooked it again but it was still raw. They heard a voice say “something in the tree is preventing the meat from cooking”, they looked up and saw the frost giant Thjazi in the form of an eagle. The Gods came to an agreement that if Thjazi could eat some of the meat that he would let them cook it. Thjazi took two shoulder pieces and two thighs. Loki was angry and tried to stab the eagle with a stick. But the stick was stuck in the creature and Loki could not let go. Thjazi told Loki he would let him go if he promised to bring him Idun and her Golden apples. Loki accepted. Loki went back to his companions and did not say a word. When they returned to Asgard he told Idun he found apples in the forest that looked as lovely as her and that she should come and compare her own apples to them. Idun’s eyes sparkled and she set out with Loki to the forest. Deep in the woods the eagle swooped down and took Idun. All the Gods in Asgard knew Idun was missing. Loki acted like he did not know where she was either. The Gods in Asgard became older and older as the days went on because they were not eating Idun’s apples. The Gods knew Loki was the last seen with Idun so they demanded him to tell them what happened to her. Loki said he would search for her in jotunheim if Freya lent him the falcon feathered cloak. Freya gave him the cloak. Loki arrived at Thjazi’s house, Idun was home alone and Loki turned her into a nut and flew of with her. The Gods saw Loki coming back with an eagle following him and set fires around Asgard as soon as Loki had entered. The Eagle was set and fire and the Gods killed it.

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