Montoaffe Island In Homer's Odyssey

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Montoaffe Island After Odysseus and his men left the Land of the Lotus Eaters, they set out. Days and days past with no sign of land, the men were worried. Odysseus calmed his men by letting them know that there is land in sight. When they reached the land they anchored the ship onshore and took a look around. When they were exploring they discovered two enormous trees, the size of mountains, and on top of these trees were hundreds of big, pointy golden arrows. The men were amazed to see such an odd sight. They had a feeling they would not be able to reach them so they did 10 not even bother, they went on searching for food to kill. As they were walking they got to a…show more content…
Odysseus was all tired out and fell to the ground. His remaining men came over to him to thank him. Odysseus was in an odd trance and would not wake up. Odysseus’ men were confused by his situation and they started to get scared that he had a 50 disease that could not be cured. One of Odysseus’ men started shaking Odysseus and shouting, “master, master, please wake, we need you to get back, I do not want to die”! Athena came down; she brought a bag of seeds, she said that the seeds must be planted on the top of the highest peak on the island, the seeds must grow into a full grown…show more content…
The men took the seeds and went off searching for the highest peak. It took weeks, finally they 60 had it, when they reached the peak they could see the entire island. They dug a hole and planted the seeds in. They waited eight years for the tree to grow full size, the men could see the tree from the bottom of the island. They took a long hike up the mountain to retrieve the leafs for Odysseus. When they got to the tree, there were red ants and killer bees on each leaf. Whey were scared to touch them, so they poked the leafs with sticks. Finally, they had enough leafs to cure Odysseus. They took the leafs down the mountain to Odysseus. When Odysseus 70 ate the leafs nothing changed, he was still ill. Athena came down once again and told the men that the leafs were contaminated, and a new tree was to be grown with care every day. The men were very angered by Athena’s request, but they followed her orders. Everyday the men would water the tree and make sure that no ants or bees got onto the leafs. After eight more long years, the men

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