The Lorax Quick Write Response

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The Lorax Quick Write Response Andrew Pickard English 122, Semester 1 Mrs. D. Seymour October 1, 2014 Pickard 1 Andrew Pickard Mrs. D. Seymour English 122 1 October 2014 The Lorax Quick Write Response The opening scene of The Lorax features a city filled with citizens that are brainwashed into thinking they are living in a perfect utopian society. The townspeople sing about how joyous their lives are, but in reality they are living in a synthetic city with total corporate control- wastelands surrounding them on all sides. The residents are unaware of the harm they have caused to the outside environment, as their excessive consumerism has led to one company’s industrial revolution- a company with no regard to environmental responsibility. Though the setting of the film is absurdly fictitious, the issues faced in the film can be related to the real world we live in today. There is no mistaking that the target audience of the film is children, but there are many serious underlining themes found in The Lorax that are directed toward the mature population. Through this great example of the dystopian genre, Dr. Seuss is sending a clear message: we must be more environmentally conscience or we will suffer great consequences. Outside of the city limits of “Thneedville” was a luscious, thriving forest ecosystem that was the home to many creatures and critters. That is, until a man known as the “Once-ler” set up shop in the middle of the forest and set about producing ‘thneeds’, a clothing accessory made of Pickard 2 tufts from ‘Truffula Trees’. The Once-ler initially harvested the tufts by cutting down the Truffula Trees, but was visited by the “Lorax”, the self-proclaimed guardian of the forest. The Lorax pleaded with the Once-ler to stop the deforestation of his home, and persuaded the Once-ler to vow to never cut down the trees again. As thneed sales
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