Letter To Aunt Bessie: The Progressive Reform Movement

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Annie Saavedra Mrs. Snyder Honors U.S. History February 26, 2015 Dear Aunt Bessie, When you told me that there are some people that work for a whole year and earn less than $500, I was shocked. I thought to myself “how could anyone get so little pay, when people worked hard earning all that money?”(Background Essay) It is 1913 and there are many troubles in America. The Progressive Period was the start of the twenty year reform movement called Progressivism. This movement was joined in by: professors, ministers, social workers, and they elected officials; and was brought by muckrakers who addressed America’s undersides specifically child labor, deforestation, women suffrage, and food safety. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and William Howard Taft served during that time and made no significant impact to racial segregation and labor unions. (Background Essay) There are a lot of causes during this time that need my million dollars to resolve them, after much thought and research I think child labor,…show more content…
When reading the old Atlantic Monthly article by John Muir; I realized that if we do succeed in saving innocent children we must preserve a world for them to live in. Everyone needs trees to breathe, but the foolish loggers that are destroying trees find it to be fun and get money out of the trees barks and hides (Doc A). John Muir declared the giant redwoods of California can live for 3000 years! (Doc A) When Jesus was born some of the giant redwood trees in the Sierras were already once thousands of years old. These trees and other forests are disappearing. (Doc A, map). The following are ways I want this money to stop deforestation in America so it can become as environmentally conscious as possible: set borders up for loggers, protect old trees by making them landmarks, turn a forest into a National park, and put a tax on logging. Trees must be

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