Moving Home Book Report

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There is a family moving and it consist of a Dad named Chris, a Mom named Joy, Son is Jeff, Friend 1 is Kyle, Friend 2 Mike, Friend 3 Roger, and Friend 4 is Jessica. The Family just got moved into their new house when a few of their friends call and ask them if they want to come on a camping trip to the deep forest with them and they say yes. The family is going to be taking their motor home. Before they get out there they stop for gas and the clerk tells them a story about what happened up their a few weeks ago and it was about three people going up their and getting killed and cut up like a tomato. When the family get up there are cops up their still looking for evidence. One of the cops pulls them over and says that people are not allowed…show more content…
The night then sets in the family is in the motor home trying to come up with a plan to stay alive and find a way out of the camp grounds. When they were thinking of the plan to stay alive someone knocks on the door and it sounds like a cop so they look out and see if it is really a cop and it is. They then open the door when they open the door some one else is behind the cop and sticks a machete through the bottom of his spine and cuts his spine in half right up the center. The killer then forces his way into the motor home. When he gets into the motor home Joy tries to attack him with a frying pan the killer then pulls out a .50 caliper Desert Eagle and blowers her brains all over the table to the motor home. Chris then get into a fight with him he tackles him out the door. They then start wresting on the ground and another killer comes and splits his head open with an axe. Jeff then locks the door to the motor home he then decides to run the killers over with the motor home when he turns around to find them they were gone. Jeff then is waiting their then he notice something moving in the trees and it was one of the killers with a cross bow before Jeff has any time to react the killer puts a arrow in his head. The killers then rebuilt the bridge and wait for more victims to

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