The Two Kinds

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Ayalew Cherenet Professor Karen English 112 14 October 2013 “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan There are lots of mother and daughter relationships. These relationships have impacts on our life. These relationships occur in different stages of our life. In most cases it occurs during our adulthood. This time is very crucial, because it is the time when we try to discover whom we are and what we want to do to the future. A Mother’s involvement with her child is different, because there is a strong emotional and social relation between. When a mother pay attentions to her child’s interests, prodigy is possible to come. Parents play an important role to their children’s life, but they need to pay attention to what their child loves to do. In the short story, “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, the mother wants her daughter to become a prodigy; she forced her to try different tests. She believes these tests will make her daughter a prodigy. In fact, mother and daughter had different ideology on how to become a famous, in the United States of America. Nikan mother never give up from forcing her daughter to try different tests. She believes these tests will make her daughter a prodigy. General knowledge is good for our child, help them to see things in different angles, but all knowledge’s are not important. In life there are times, we may ask unimportant questions, that doesn’t have any role to make our child a better person. Similarly, in the story of “Two kinds “, Nikan asked and tested by her mother several questions, but these questions and tests can’t make her a prodigy. According to PDF, document posted on scholar. Google .com, “The questions were absurd, knowing of the capitals, multiplying numbers in her head, finding the queen of hearts in a deck of cards, standing on her head with out using her hands,
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