“the Treaty of Versailles Meant That the Weimar Republic Was Always Doomed to Fail.” Discuss to What Extent This Is a Justified View.

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The Treaty of Versailles had very stiff terms; it was a consequence of the struggles and the political collapse in Wilhelmine Germany. (Williamson 1995: 3) It is well known that the Republic was created under difficult circumstances; it was a constant reminder to Germany about the national humiliation and the defeat of the First World War. (Geary 1993: 14) The Weimar republic would have survived as it was a fair and democratic system but it lacked the support of the people. It was first introduction of democracy and it should have lead to a stable Germany, only it had many problems, it was to be doomed by the Treaty of Versailles. A lot of Germans thought that the Treaty undermined Germany though it was initially set up with the intentions of becoming a peace agreement between Germany and its allies. In 1918 Germany became a republic and the Weimar constitution took force on the 11th of August 1919. The Weimar republic, which was a democratic, yet flawed system, wasn’t well liked by Germany because it had signed the Treaty of Versailles. Another reason why the Germans had a negative attitude was because when the Weimar was signed many people saw the leaders and socialist politicians as “stabbing Germany in the back.” (Geary 1993: 14) The Treaty became widely known as Diktat because the Germans found it so oppressing and it was so humiliating. The Treaty of Versailles did many things to Germany, but some of the most consequential points of all were that; Germany was forced to accept the blame for WWI, it had to pay £6,600 million in reparations, their army was reduced to just 100,000 men and a lot of their territory was given up to Great Britain and France. John Maynard Keynes, who was British treasury at the official conference until he quit in 1919, had some predictions, he was a minor player in the treaty but he had published a book within 6 months after leaving
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