The Theme Of Love In The First 3 Chapters Of Hamle Essay

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The theme of love in the first three Acts. Love is a crucial key in the play Hamlet. The whole plot of revenge is based upon the love Hamlet had for his father and how the love was so strong it made him prepared to do something that was extremely difficult for him to do. Even most of the sub-plots in the play were about love including the conventional love of Hamlet and Ophelia, the friendship 'love' between Horatio and Hamlet, the incestuous if not lust filled love between Claudius and Gertrude and the love between family members. All of which make up the essential and important parts of the play. A known fact is revenge is more often than not driven by love. In this case Hamlet, because of the great love and admiration he had for his father, was compelled to do something he found extremely difficult to do. That is killing his uncle, Claudius. Hamlet not only finds this hard but near impossible due to his inability to act. We see this greatly in the character of Hamlet. ‘Now might I do it pat, now is a-praying; And now I’ll do’t – and so he goes to heaven, And so am I revenged.’ Hamlet mistrusts women in general and treats them as vile and untrustworthy creatures. Ophelia, Hamlet's true love, is doomed in her relationship from the moment Hamlet takes on the task of revenge. She is unknowingly used in the plot against Hamlet by her father and brother who are supposed to protect her but instead they use her and therefore open a way for Hamlets hate and disappointment to direct at her.To understand Hamlets treatment of Ophelia its essential to look at Hamlets hatred towards his mother. Because of his mother’s marriage to his uncle, Hamlet is scarred for life in his

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