Mode Of Satire In Hamlet

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The Mode of Tragedy Complicated by Satire in Hamlet Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, is a play which portrays tragedy beginning in prosperity and ending in misery. Shakespeare illustrates tragedy though the isolation of the hero, Hamlet not being a well developed or realistic character allows himself to be laughed at. Indeed, the mode of tragedy is complicated by satire due to the actions of the satirical hero. Satirical mode within Hamlet’s actions is targeted through his Hamartia, Inquiry with his madness and Ophelia’s insanity. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, son of the late King and of Gertrude. Hamlet is the hero in this play who falls into a tragic flaw that he brings upon himself. For Hamlet when it comes…show more content…
When actions are to be taken into consideration by him it seen that he situation is horrible, which Hamlet feels he has no control over. He allows his anger towards Claudius to let him fall into a madness. The depression Hamlet is encountering is due to the actions that King Hamlet is demanding of him. He cannot complete the task asked of him of his procrastination, which causes him to nearly take his own life. “To be or not to be, that is the question; whether’ tis nobler in the mind to suffer...” (Shakespeare Act 3, Scene 1). This quotation proves Hamlet becomes inferior to others and the environment through his madness, causing him to express himself explicitly towards others. Hamlet’s madness not only causes his loved ones lives but it allows his “end” to come because he accepts every challenge from his opponent. Hamlet’s madness not only affects him but Ophelia, who is mentally torn apart by Hamlet. Ophelia was once flawless, but since her encounter with Hamlet she has fallen into the same madness and wants to kill herself. Ophelia opens up her feelings towards Hamlet, even though her father and brother both warn her not to. Hamlet’s madness causes him to push Ophelia to the point of a mental break down. He drags her into the same hell he is
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