Hamlet's Love for Ophelia

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Sofia Salahpour Howerter ENGWR 300 14 June 2012 Hamlet’s Love for Ophelia In the play, Hamlet and Ophelia share various scenes together in which it is confusing to determine whether Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is true or if it is just an act of madness. Hamlet claims to love her at some points but at the same time contradicts himself and denies ever loving her in the first place. I believe that in this play, Hamlet truly did love Ophelia, but then after the incident of his father’s deaths he sees and understands certain situations in which cause him to lose his respect towards women, which ultimately leads to Hamlet no longer loving Ophelia. Hamlet shows he once loved Ophelia by his love letters; however, we can clearly see he stops loving her because of his actions towards Ophelia such as calling her horrible things, denying ever loving her, and not showing any remorse for killing her father. In the play, Hamlet is portrayed as a very philosophical character that thinks and analyzes every situation to the extreme. Hamlet undergoes many difficult situations such as the murder of his father, which causes him to act in a very mad and crazy manner, which plays a role in his relationship with Ophelia. Before the incident of Hamlet’s father’s death, Hamlet loves Ophelia and he demonstrates this by showing romantic gestures such as exchanging love letters with her. Hamlet sends her letters in which he refers to her as “the most beautified Ophelia” and his “soul’s idol” (2.2.109-110). Hamlet clearly demonstrates his expressions and feeling towards her through this letter and shows us that he does love her. If the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia is supposedly only lust then he would not refer to her with such romantic and passionate words. Ophelia is another witness of Hamlet’s love because she also believes that Hamlet loves her and she demonstrates this
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