Similarities and Differences Between "Sonnet18" and "Romeo and Juliet"

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Romeo and Juliet, and Sonnet 18, both written by William Shakespeare, however, they've got different declaration of love. Through these, we can feel how they look love, how they express love, Both of them compare their lovers to the nature. The persona of Sonnet 18 and Romeo compare their lovers to the sun, the moon, the star,etc. Of course, both of their lovers are the most beautiful, are the angel in their hearts. However, they value different means of love although their love maybe as much as each other. In the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet, the line of "are you going to leave me so unsatisfied?" and "I would be satisfied if we made each other promises of love" said Romeo. However, the persona in Sonnet 18, he written that "once you 're captured in my eternal verses, as long as men are alive and have eyes with which to see, this poem will live and keep you alive ." These show differences as Romeo value more at immediate promises, and at the opposite, persona in Sonnet 18values more in eternal love. On the other hand, they express their love in different way although using similar or even same kinds of metaphor. Romeo expresses his love directly by expressing Juliet is more beautiful than the nature. The persona although using nature as metaphor, the tenor, however, is bout the love of himself towards his lover. Romeo is praising Juliet directly while persona in Sonnet 18is praising his love to his lover. From this to bring the message of how much love towards his lover. For me, as a teenage girl, the direct praise will make me feel like a fish out of water, also the worst enemy of beauty is time, especially for girls. Therefor, persona of Sonnet 18 expressions of love touches me more as beauty may fade but the perfect beautiful sides can still live on through a persona’s memory or words of poem. This love is not only for himself, but the eyes of
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