Romeo and Juliet Essay on Immature Love

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Romeo and Juliet The love Romeo and Juliet expressed is an immature love. Their tragedy, ultimately, is their own fault; it is the result of their youth. Three points will support this argument. First, the “love” is far too rash. Second, the murder of Tybalt by Romeo. Finally, the suicide of Romeo and Juliet. The love that is portrayed in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is immature and rash. The love in this novel is mostly based on physical appearance. Romeo at first is in love with Rosaline, but this love is broken due to two things: Rosaline swearing herself to the lord and secondly the unexpected acquaintance of Juliet. “‘Friar Laurence’: God pardon sin! Wast thou with Rosaline? ‘Romeo’: With Rosaline, my ghostly father? No; I have forgot that name, and that names woe” (2, 3, 44-46). This quotation is evidence that Romeo is very immature and does not truly know what love is, he claimed that he was in love with Rosaline a mere few days ago and was grieving over the love that she did not return. Therefore, his previous experience with Rosaline could perhaps forecast how he would have ended up feeling about Juliet as more time passed. Tybalt death is the result of immaturity and irrational thought on Romeo’s side. Romeo could have let the law take its course and execute Tybalt but instead he let his emotions get the better of him which is very childish. “‘Benvolio’:The prince will doom thee death if art taken. Hence, be gone, away. ‘Romeo’” O, I am fortunes fool!” (3, 1, 135-136). This quotation reveals that after Romeo has calmed down, he sees how his actions were far to haste and begins to immediately regret it. Romeo now has to deal with the death sentence himself but as luck serves him he gets banishment instead. A direct example of the consequences of immaturity is action without thought. Thus, Romeo could have had justice served if
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