Romeo And Juliet Decisions

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To Love or Not to Love The greatest loves have the most tragic endings. Love is something that everyone desires, and most people will do anything to obtain it. Once they have it, they will to anything to keep it. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare demonstrates how youth and inexperience, when combined with love, can lead to impulsive decisions that result in tragedy. Romeo’s rash actions, Juliet’s fast-paced response to love, and their fatal choices tragically end their lives, showcasing the unfortunate outcome of their quick actions. Inexperienced Romeo Montague’s actions regarding love are based upon impulse rather than logic. Romeo’s actions are so sudden that they are capable of significantly changing his life. Romeo and Juliet’s…show more content…
The plan was for Romeo to rescue her secretly, but the plan is foiled, since Romeo never gets the notice. This plan should have never been made because serious risks are involved. It is evident that Juliet is not thinking clearly because she actually takes the potion. All the possible consequences should have been considered and a back-up plan made. Juliet is willing to do anything for love but it does not mean that it will help. Her actions prove her inexperience and young age. When Romeo discovers that Juliet is dead, he decides to buy a poison and drink it in Juliet’s tomb as seen in: “Here’s to my love! O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” (5.3.119-120). After hearing about Juliet’s untimely death, misguided Romeo does an immature thing. He takes his own life for a girl who he has only known for less than week, and judging by his actions, he believes there is no life without Juliet. Romeo was not thinking coherently, which caused him to make an irrational decision. Once again, he acted on impulse, but this time, he ruined his chances at a life with Juliet. If he was not so quick and impatient, he would have seen Juliet wake up. Unfortunately, when Juliet awakes, Romeo is dead which results in her making another irresponsible decision as shown in: “Yea noise? Then I’ll be brief. O happy dagger” (5.3.168). As soon as Juliet is awake and sees Romeo, her new plan is to kill herself as quickly as possible. She is happy about the ‘good luck’ she stumbles upon when she finds a weapon to kill herself before she is discovered. Juliet does not think ahead before this hastily decision is made. She does not think about her future, in her mind there is no future without Romeo. Romeo and Juliet were deeply in love, as shown by their actions. There are multiple choices that lead to the tragic death of both characters. Juliet was ill-advised by Friar Laurence
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