The Theatre Of The Absurd Essay

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1, The Theatre of the Absurd is anti-traditional theater genre which rose in France 1950s. In 1950, French playwright Enescu's "The Bald Soprano" has been appeared. In 1953, Beckett’s play "Waiting for Godot" got a sensation in France Stage. The British critic Martin Esslin published "The Theater of Absurd" in 1961. And Theory of such works were summarized, and to be officially named. After that, Theater of the Absurd has reached the stage of maturity and prime. Actually, Absurd playwrights promote a purely dramatic play, grasp the world through simile. They gave up the image building and dramatic conflicts, and use the stage of fragmented visual scene, Strange and weird props, Topsy-Turvy dialogue, confused thinking to express the ugly reality, pain and the despair of life and achieve an abstract effect of the absurd. Enescu and Beckett whose works are representative of the Theatre of the Absurd. 2, But where is the Theatre of the Absurd come from. Actually in the early west drama, about absurd life has already been talked about. From Greece tragic drama, in the works of Sophocles and Aeschylus, there are some words about brutal living conditions and absurd life. Sartre and Camus are existentialism litterateurs in 20th century. They revealed the absurdity of human existence with rational inference in their works. This sense of crisis and the prevailing pessimism in the West is encouraged absurd literature. The Theater of the Absurd accepted the basic propositions of existential philosophy, and integrated surrealism and other schools of literary concepts, and consequently, created their own unique style. Take the absurd literature to new heights. 3, It should be said Theater of the Absurd and Sartre, Camus existentialism, led by the general tendency of the ideological content of literature, is basically same, the difference is Theater of the Absurd choose a unique

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