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Examination Act 1 Translation POLONIUS You are still here? The shame stands on you, get on board? The wind is filling you sail and they are waiting. I give you my blessing, just remember the rules that you live by. Think before you speak, do not act directly on you impulses. Be friendly to people but not too much so. Once you fine friends, test the trust and if they pass, hold them close. Though do not waste time offering your hand to everyone you may want to befriend. Do not pick a fight, but if you find yourself in one, fight back. Listen to what people say, but say very little. Listen to others opinion, but don’t lose your judgment. Spend money on attire, but make sure it is of high quality, not to be dressed ostentatious, since…show more content…
This is also shown with Polonius’s un-trust worthiness for Hamlet. As to with Laertes who feels the exact same way as his father. Paolo Feliciano Mr. McCarthy A.P. Lit Examination Act 2 Open Ended Questions 1. After the slow transition from Hamlet’s mournful state, to his ever growing state of madness, does his madness itself become his primary mode of communication with the other characters? 2. Hamlet suggests that his only pretending to be mad, can this be true seeing that he does such a good job doing so? Or is his suggestion of him pretending to be mad is to help himself feel saner? Translation POLONIUS What is it Ophelia, what’s the matter? OPHILIA Oh father, I have been so scared POLONIUS What with, in the name of God? OPHILIA My lord, I was just sewing in my room, Hamlet entered d, he didn’t wear his hat, shirt unbuttoned, socks all matted and un-orderly, pale as his shirt and weak a the knees as they collapsed together, and with an expression so pathetic as if he came straight from hell. He then came up to me. POLONIUS Is he in love with you?…show more content…
I felt that he was just messing with you and your reputation. Curse dim-witted assumptions! Though it is normal for someone as old as me to feel as if I have a firm grip on the young ones, though I foolishly under estimate the craziness of the youth. Come lets, let’s find the king. We must tell him, it will cause more damage if we don’t tell him soon. Come Stylistic Techniques Shakespeare uses personification in line 78 with “his doublet all unbraced”, though unbraced is referring to his shirt it can also be directed to Hamlet himself unbracing reality. A strong image is used in line 83 when Ophelia refers Hamlet to being “ loosed out of hell” this leads us to believe that not only is Hamlet insane but now angered. Syntax is used in line 84 when again Ophelia says that Hamlet “is to speak of horrors”, this again is trying to show Hamlets hostel intentions.

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