Good Come Out Of War Essay

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19. Mrs. Antrobus tells her husband that "the only thought we (Mrs. Antrobus and Gladys) clung to was that youwere going to bring something good out of this suffering." How can good come out of suffering? What "good"could they expect to come out of a war? What promise has Mr. Antrobus made by fighting the war?20. The play ends with Sabina reciting some of the lines from the beginning of the play and wishing the audiencegood night. Have the Antrobuses accomplished anything, or are they right back where they began? Is "progress"an illusion and the world entirely cyclical? Can the play be optimistic if the Antrobuses haven't changed fromtheir experiences? Topics for Research and Writing Projects 1. Wilder was accused of plagiarism by Campbell and Robinson. Read this essay and the response by…show more content…
Three of the plays, "TheLong Christmas Dinner, "Pullman Car Hiawatha," and "The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden," wereperhaps the most theatrically experimental written to that time by an American. "Pullman Car Hiawatha" inparticular shows that the ideas for The Skin of Our Teeth had been in Wilder's mind for a long time. Explain howWilder's ideas about theater develop and change between 1931 and 1942.8. The Skin of Our Teeth is sometimes described as a "tragi-comedy"; look up tragi-comedy and decide to whatextent The Skin of Our Teeth is one. What plays might it be compared to? What is the effect of mingling comedyand tragedy in the same play?9. Bertold Brecht was one of the great innovators of the twentieth-century stage because of his "epic theater"; manycritics have seen a similarity between Brecht and Wilder's works, and this despite the fact that their politicalviews are very different from each other. Read Brecht's Mother Courage (also a war play) and discuss howBrecht and Wilder use non-realistic staging. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Suggestions for Further
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