The Team That Wasn't

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“The Team That Wasn’t” Final Case Study Eric Holt is finding out the hard way that the road to success is uphill with Fire Art, Inc. Eric has the problem of building a collaborative team with different backgrounds and skills in order “have a comprehensive plan for the company’s strategic realignment up, running and winning within six months.” Eric as well as the so called team is apparently unclear about what that really means. This leads way to no common commitment to a team purpose or a working approach to whatever they were brought together to accomplish. Instead of goal alignment, there are individuals with personal instead of organizational goals in mind. With a commitment to a common goal; Maureen, Ray and Carl misunderstood the concepts involved with teamwork. A team shouldn’t even exist unless it represents the best way to help the organization achieve its goals (Luecke, 2004, p. 23). And Randy not being cut to be a team player was not a joke; Eric should have paid attention. Aside from unclear goals and a lack of experience with team-based work, Randy would be the thorn in this team. Eric has a total lack of control over this individual allowing him to intimidate reserved members of the team making their opinions or ideas unheard. At some point Eric would have to wonder, if the CEO, Jack Derry thought so highly of Randy, “Why isn’t he leading this strategic realignment? Eric has to take notice of the team competencies or lack of because any weak or missing competencies jeopardize the team goal (Luecke, 2004, p. 15). The team does not embody the essentials needed to be effective. In this case, the Fire Art Inc. team required additional skills and practices if they are to be a team or even an effective team. It needed to be managed from a senior management level as well as the middle management level. Eric came into this
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