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Orion Shield Project Case Analysis - How Not to Manage a Project Executive summary. A veteran of 14 years as a project engineer at Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC), Gary Allison accepted a promotion as a project manager for the Orion Shield Project contracted by Space Technology Inc. (STI). Gary’s inexperience and lack of project management knowledge nearly cost him his job at SEC because of how the Orion Shield Project was handled. Gary showed lack of experience from the beginning by not executing the ethical, technical, legal, time management, communications and contractual skills. Gary was pushed into forging data by his boss and then himself forged data to save his nose in order to meet the technical scope of the project. He lost track of the project’s progress because he had hard time balancing his administrative duties and his technical duties. Due to his lack of communication with his team, Gary wasted time and money in order to meet the milestones. He also could have negotiated a more beneficial contract. Gary had communication, administrative, human resource and leadership problems that, in the end, cost him his position as a project manager. His choices are examples of how not to manage a project. Introduction A successful manager should ensure the scope, time and cost constraints are being met throughout the project and all of the stakeholders are kept in the loop (Schwalbe, 2012). An ideal project manager also possesses excellent communication, time management, technical, legal, ethical, and human resources skills to guide the project to a success. In Gary Allison’s case, he failed to track the progress and execution of the project which led to the downturn of his career as a project management as he did not meet all of the constraints of the project. The Orion Shield Project’s time management, ethical and legal, technical, human resources,

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