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Case Study, Jack Carlisle, CIO Executive Summary IZL Corporation hired Jack Carlisle to restructure and reorganize the IZL IT department. The company was going through major turmoil in which the CEO Chuck Hansen was replaced by CEO Jim Giles and another SVP, Carl Strati. Jack Carlisle must assess the problems within the company and implement tactical and strategic changes. Carlisle must align the current business strategy with an aged information department that does not support business strategy. Other problems include the company having a lackadaisical business strategy, internal conflicts among upper management, an information technology department that has not been well run and is frequently criticized by peer executives, and a lack of integrated business objectives that do not align with information technology objectives, the inability to prioritize projects due to unclear business objectives. This has resulted in project failure, a bad company reputation, loss of market share, and stock price tumbling. Carlisle believes that IZL Corporation is salvageable, but needs to upper management to do this. In this paper, the problem, recommended and alternative solutions, as well as implementation strategies are discussed. Key Issues The key issues for Jack Carlisle, according to Robert Austin, are recorded in the informally published manuscript, Jack Carlisle, CIO. It says the main issue for the company when Carlisle was hired “is the non-existing business strategy that is well understood in the entire IZL organization, coupled with an information technology department that is not structured to align with business strategy” (Austin, 2007). The history prior to Carlisle hiring, was a long history of unfinished projects. The failures of these projects were a result from mismanagement, unclear objectives, and the inability to prioritize the projects (Austin,

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