Mg 375 Week 4 Homework

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Marshavia Clark Week 4 Homework 14 November 2013 Chapter 7 P5. What are the differences between high and low customer contact service (CCS) businesses, in general, for the dimensions listed below? | Low CCS Business | High CCS Business | Worker Skill | The direct workforce need only have technical skills | The direct workforce constitutes a major part of the service product and so must be able to interact well with the public. | Capacity Utilization | Storable output permits capacity at some average demand level. | To avoid lost sales, capacity must be set to match peak demand. | Level of Automation | The customer is not involved in the majority of processing steps. | This has a direct effect on the customer. If automation is low, the customer could have to spend more time than needed. | Chapter 9 Case: Hank Kolb 1. What are the causes of the quality problems on the Greasex Line? Display your answer on a fishbone diagram. The primary problem is the lack of commitment to achieve an excellent quality product.. The management lacks policies and visible support for quality standards. Although they have recently hired Hank Kolb to oversee their quality program, which is a good decision, the lack of support from senior management for quality is very apparent. It was evident in launching the Greasex line to gain market share without testing the processes involved in making the product as well as ensuring safety requirements are achieved. They saw quality as only a secondary added value. The personnel department is the first department to be interviewed. Their first major problem is the lack of training. The operator for the filling equipment had no formal training. An unqualified trainer conducts the training which leads to employees incorrectly performing their job duties. People also have little responsibility with their work and they also

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