Supply And Demand Simulation Paper

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Supply and Demand Simulation Amanda Huenefeld ECO/365 Sadu Shetty January, 14, 2013 Introduction Supply and demand are the two influences that govern pricing in the larger picture of a viable economic market. The two factors are like two forces. Equally the conclusive levels of supply and demand, and the comparative levels of the two in contrast to one another, are significant. The standard of supply and demand is that if one or both varies, there will be a transient difference in the amount of product manufacturers are equipped to sell and the quantity that consumers are willing to buy. This difference will cause the market price to increase or decrease when necessary until the quantities are the same. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics…show more content…
In the simulation an example of a supply and demand curve was when The Atlantis Housing Survey offered their findings on the demand of a two bedroom apartment in Atlantis. When the demand is high, the supply rate will then increase until they are equal. Let us take a look at this situation where demand rises, possibly due to an overall growth in the population’s wealth. This proposes that in a shorter time period, the economic period when some prices are set, Good Life Apartments will rent more in response to a wealth surge, temporarily growing to a higher value. Unemployment will drop, to a work rate above that of full involvement. Price levels will also rise for the short-term. There are different reasons why business managers need to pay attention to supply issues. As well as production costs, supply matters affect other business expenditures. Analyzing demand benefits business manager’s make good decisions regarding sales and production levels (University of Phoenix,…show more content…
There are governments that totally control their economy and do not do business with other countries. There are governments that rule monetary policy and tax business, but do not become concerned in the markets otherwise. Similar to mixed economies, the positions of a government in the configuration of an economy is crucial to understand in order to understand the economics of the country. Concepts of Macroeconomics and Understanding Business or economic cycles focus on the variations, both anticipated and unexpected, within an economy. Variations in business cycles are able to be seen as short-term and long-term progression developments and they could shift. Cycles are calculated using the real gross domestic product of a country. Not like the more organized phases of economics, business cycles do not follow a foreseeable or mechanical form. However, they should be factored into considering an economy.

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