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Decision in Paradise Paper Part I Zasha Benitez and Lilliana Cruz University of Phoenix Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making MGT/350 Professor Louis Lozada April 6, 2010 Decision in Paradise Paper Part I, II, and III Hi, I am Nik and I am going on my first assignment to a South Pacific Island, called Kava. Everything started well and then the problems started pouring in once I landed on the Island. Before arriving I was oriented in human resources procedures, the organization process and an overview of Kava, but I was not advised on what I am supposed to do as an individual. When mentioning South Pacific, the first thought that went through my mind was a perfect island, a paradise, but was I…show more content…
I am not sure about the other part of the island but where I landed the streets were a mess and were not as beautiful as I expected. The trash and junk continued all the way to the office and around the office. Furthermore, I walk into our company office and to my surprise it was terrible as well. I just thought of disorganization and it is a significant problem. How is it possible to work an area where it already feels impossible to work in? Another issue and this mistake was on my part mainly, is that my perception about Alex was wrong. But the actual bigger mistake is letting it known to Alex that my perception about him was not what I expected, therefore he responded the same way leaving an uncomfortable feeling. Hence, I already created an awkward feeling and sort of a bad first impression between the person who is supposed to be my supervisor and myself. I quickly learned that presuming is not a good idea, with what I expected of the Island and my superior. Although, Alex was my supervisor this happened because he was also the receptionists, which also caught me off guard. Furthermore, this mean we are short handed on staff. We have no help or may not have the resources to acquire the extra help; I am not sure which one it is yet or it may be

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