Week Three Organizational Plan Assignment

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Planning and Measuring Performance for Costco Corporation Roger Scmidt MGT/521 February 25, 2012 Roberto Guzman Planning and Measuring Performance for Costco Corporation My week 3 Organizational Plan Assignment was the Costco Wholesale Corporation. I identified its current goals as 1) control costs by reduction of inventory and careful selection of high quality goods and services and careful expansion of its’ domestic market. To elaborate, Costco has been very successful at keeping costs down by minimizing waste and storage expenses with a rapid turnover of its’ inventory. This is at least in part due t0 its’ ability to sell high-demand goods and services for very low prices. Additionally, Costco has a goal of 3) maintaining its employee workforce, as high employee job satisfaction has translated into exceptional customer service and low employee turnover (Costco, 2012). The three standards to be chosen would be inventory turnover, store profitability and employee satisfaction. As I noted prior, the key to Costco’s success has been its ability to acquire popular goods and sell them quickly at minimal operative cost. A measure of inventory would be able to evaluate any significant trends in goods. If the inventory were to rise significantly for any particular item, it would indicate either the item is not popular, viewed as too expensive, or may be held up, off-site warehouses (depots) However, the turnover of goods is maximized by a seven day, 69 hour work, which includes weekends. Generally, inventory is sold before payment is required from vendors. Greater Sales volume and quick inventory turnover increase the percentage of inventory paid through payment terms and minimizes costs by working capital (Costco, 2012). Most other costs are minimized, such as advertising, which is limited to only existing members, new warehouse openings and

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