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1. What is Costco’s current business model and why is it appealing? Costco’s business model is predicated on a best-cost theme. They take the low-priced supplier approach and mix that with creating price of the many stakeholders by targeting on wonderful client service, a severe code of beliefs, treating staff like family, concerning suppliers, satisfying shareholders, and a robust intelligence of environmental place. They need to enforce distinctive cost-saving methods in their production, operations, and selling that has allowed them to draw in the foremost affluent customers in discount selling. The central focus of their business model turned around high sales volumes and fast inventory turnover by giving fee-paying members beautifully low costs on a restricted choice merchandise that include a mix of across the country branded and illicit private-label products in an exceedingly wide selection of merchandise classes. This is an awfully appealing business model because it provides the power to control fruitfully at a lot of lower profit margin by securing marketer volume getting agreements, economical distribution, no-frill self-service warehouse facilities and supplemental membership fee revenue. Another magnet is because of the high sales volume and fast inventory turnover style of this business model, the accelerated money conversion cycle permissible Costco to gather the funds for inventory before marketer liabilities changing into due. This provided for marketer finance and also the ability to require advantage of early payment discounts that additional reduced operational prices. As a testament to the success of this business model, from 2008 through 2011, Costco was able to increase the amount of warehouses by 15.6%, revenues by 22.6%, and earnings by 14.0%. 2. What are the chief elements of Costco’s current strategy and is it effective? Costco’s key

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