The Subtle Problems Of Charity By Jane Addams

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“The Subtle Problems of Charity” is an article written by Jane Addams, a woman who was one of the most remarkable women of the Progressive Era. Despite her privileged upbringing, Jane Addams chose to work not for the interest of her own class but for the poor. Her life before Hull House, and her experiences during her early years transformed her and she became a reformer, a political activist, and social philosopher. Her experiences and extensive readings also helped to change her ethical beliefs. She had learned to discount the benevolent ethics of her own class and embraced what she believed to be the working class, practical ethic of cooperative justice. In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the United States of America…show more content…
gets laid off or cannot find work, cannot work due to poor health caused by the harsh conditions at industrial factories. She also observes that some of these out-of-work primary earners turn to organizing fellow workers to get better working conditions and more equitable compensation. When the husband cannot earn a living, the wife is forced to find work at industrial factories or other means of earning a living. i.e. sewing clothes, etc. This puts a lot of pressure on women who may not be prepared for the harsh conditions in the industrial factories. Addams saw that in these situations children also have to work even at a prematurely very young age and give their earnings to the parents to help with family finances. This stunts the children’s chances for individual development and usefulness and leads to exploitation of the children. Aside from the prevalence of child labor, Addams also observed many other social situations that are not ideal – early marriages and/or juvenile delinquency among the young, adverse housing conditions for financially-strapped families and its impact on public health,
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