Compare And Contrast Child Labor Law Between 1800 And 1900

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ESSAY DELISCA KETURA During 1800 – 1900, the lives of workers and their conditions were changed. A lot of the changes were made, because of the accidents, and truths revealed through muckrakers, for example child labor. This was a major part of the work force. Kids all ages wouldn’t have a normal life, because they were always working. Whether it was to try to help their parents make more money, or to feed themselves, they would work. Some of the problems the workers would have were the lack of time and of money. They worked under very poor conditions, and did not have many privileges. Incidents like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory had major effects on the way the escapes in buildings were designed. Anyways all these incidents, made a difference, the government…show more content…
This law will help little kids go to school, so they can get an education. People like Samuel Gompers, were supposed to help the people in all ways
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