Jane Addams: A Struggle In The United States

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Jane Addams Because of the rising poverty level in the United States, people had to come up with ways to help the needy since the government at the time wanted nothing to do with the people of the country. The results were settlement houses. There were many settlement houses during the time, but one of the most famous ones was Hull House, stated by Jane Addams. Located in the heart of the Chicago slum, Addams provided an education as well as the daily needs that families would not be able to get otherwise. Through perseverance and a passion for her work, Addams was able to typify image of a progressive reformer as well as achieve her goals like help immigrants learn English and American culture, and to support families that were struggling both physically and mentally. But this was no easy feat as the young woman had to face many obstacles and stay strong to build the settlement house known as Hull House. Progressive reformers pursued for a solution to the problems created by industrialization and urbanization. The reformers wanted to protect working people, and close the gap between social classes. Their main focus was education, as well as focus on family and women’s suffrage. Jane Addams was a devoted feminist by heart. Before women’s suffrage was a thing, she believed that…show more content…
Hull House has helped in ways that it wasn’t meant to, like providing a place for social gathering and where one could open up about their hard times. Where this settlement house was just meant to house people and let them live a slightly better life, it became something more, a symbol of the poverty struck city, and hope for children and parents alike, and allowed Jane Addams to continue her plans to bettering the world, one step at a
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