The Spirit In Bob Marley's A Christmas Carol

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Would you change your actions if you had the ability to see the future? Ebenezer Scrooge turned away from his miserly way of life when he saw the future affect it could have on him and others. His change began with a visit from the spirit of his deceased partner, Jacob Marley. The spirit of Marley appears to Scrooge as a spirit condemned to wander the world bound in heavy chains. Marley hopes to save his old partner from suffering a similar fate and warns Scrooge of the three spirits about to visit him this Christmas Eve. The first spirit takes him to his past Christmases, the second spirit to visit Scrooge walked him through the present Christmas and the last spirit gave him a vision of Christmases yet to come. This final spirit of Christmases…show more content…
Their travels continue to a rag and bone shop where people sell their belongings for money. Two women are selling cloth and household items and tell the shop owner "I stole it right off his bed while he was still in it". While traveling with the spirit of Christmases yet to come, Scrooge constantly asks, "Who is this they mention." The spirit then takes him to a graveyard and directs Scrooge to show one grave in particular. When Scrooge sees it is his grave, he brakes down in tears and begs for forgiveness. Scrooge instantly asks, "Is this what is or may be?" The spirit then takes him to the home of Bob Cratchit where not one person has a happy face and Scrooge realizes that their son Tiny Tim has died from his illness. Once the spirit returns him to the present, Scrooge rejoices that he has not missed Christmas Day. He immediately begins to celebrate Christmas by anonymously sending the large prize Turkey to the Cratchit's home, donates generously to charity and then celebrates with his own nephew. Scrooge continued to treat every day forward as if it where Christmas and did so better than
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