Cannery Row Outline

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Ivan Sanchez American Literature Cannery Row: Novel Study Outline 1. Cannery Row starts with the adventures of Mack and the boys, a group of jobless yet intelligent men who rent a fish-meal shack also called the “Palace Flophouse & Grill” on the edge of the Row. Everyone always feels like giving back to the gentle, intellectual, and caring, Doc, the possessor of a biological supply house. Even though he is a very great person around the Row, Doc seems to be haunted depression. Mack and the boys decide to give Doc a party and they spend most of their energy, on only trying to set this event up. They get most of what they’ll need to set up from Lee Chong, the local grocer. They set-up Doc’s party in his lab and begin it while still waiting for his arrival. Doc arrives late in getting back and realizes that the party is over and sees his place completely trashed. After this incident, a series of unfortunate events occurs on the Row, such as an influenza epidemic and the day Darling, Mack and the Boy's adopted pointer dog. After a while passed by, the Row recovers and everything settles down. Doc soon cures Darling and Mack and the boys are very grateful. Once again, Mack and the Boys decided to throw another party for Doc for what he has done. The Boys get advice from Dora, the local madam and owner of the Bear Flag Restaurant in order to make a party, that Doc can actually attend. Subdued by their first attempt, the Boys are much more careful this time. The party is a success and the novel ends with Doc the next morning after the event fixing the lab as it was, and reflecting on his life. 2. Lee Chong - The Chinese grocer in the Row. His store has absolutely everything you would want and engages in many transactions with others. He also tries his best to take care of the less fortunate, helped arranged Doc’s party, and even has his grandfather
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