How Scrooge Changed in T.C.C

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How does scrooge change throughout the novel? In the novel the Christmas carol scrooge changes from evil to good he is becoming his anti-thesis, he starts changing when he is visited by the 3 three ghost(Christmas past, Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas yet to come. Scrooge gains feeling because one page 39 scrooge said to the ghost “no, no, said scrooge”. “Oh no, kind spirit! Say he will be spared”. This shows that scrooge is a caring man who does have feelings inside but can’t show them. In stave 1 “red eyed” “blue lips” dickens is using cold imagery to show that scrooge has no feelings, scrooge is visited by his one and only friend, who died, he was visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley. Dickens has shown the belief that people had off the afterlife because he shows Jacob Marley in chains which are forged in life. In stave 1 it says that scrooge is a squeezing, wrenching, grapping, covets old sinner(page two) this means that scrooges is not very nice as he will not even give money to the charity. The visit from Jacob Marley just shows how wicked scrooge has become, because Jacob Marley tells him that he will be visited by three ghost. In stave 2 scrooges is visited by the first of the three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past. The ghost of Christmas past shows scrooge his childhood and dickens shows scrooge as a human who has feeling and emotions “what is that upon your check” this makes the readers discover that scrooge used to be normal/nice. In stave 3 scrooge is visited by the second ghost which takes him to thew crtchits
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