The Sexism of Smurfette Essay

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The Sexism of Smurfette Sexism is the belief that one sex is innately superior to the other, as stated in the book. It is widely occurring in the media, especially towards the female gender. This includes the movie “Smurfs 2”, with Smurfette as the only female smurf in the village, surrounded by a horde of males with differing personalities. This sexist outlook on women is still occurring today, but it’s just become a norm to some people. It is peculiar how the creator of the Smurfs decided to amass all the underlying personalities of a woman, which differs with each one, under one generic female smurf. In a certain light, her successes and failures represent all of femininity and woman kind as a whole. But, this is not the case, since women differ from each other in personality the same as men do. Grumpy, clumsy and jokey can all be attributed to a female, but are only apparent in the male smurfs. It brings about the question, what was the intention of the creator of Smurfette? The article states how women are primarily identified by their “femininity” in the movie. It also talks about the wide variety of male smurfs in a McDonald’s kids meal, but only one female smurf: Smurfette. The little diversity in her personality does not uphold the personality of all women, but just the generic female that a typical gender discriminating individual may think of. The article’s outlook on Smurfette as “banal and insidious” gives a new perspective on the kid friendly movie, and delves deeper into exactly what the underlying meaning is. The article also goes into detail on gender distinction and the lack of it in the 1970’s. Society distinction between male and female was not carried over on apparel, although it still manifested other things, such as work and wages. Babies were hard to differentiate back then by looking at their dressing, but as soon as they began to grow

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