Sexism In Antigone

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Imagine a world with no discrimination against women. In this fictitious dimension, there would be no degrading stereotypes or insults pivoting around females. Unfortunately, we live in a misogynistic world filled with hateful comments spewed out carelessly against women. I used to be under the impression that sexism was not as important as other societal issues, such as racism. It was only after analyzing “Antigone”, when I started to understand the gravity of how persistent and awful sexism has been over the years. Not only is it present in today’s society, but it has also existed ever since the early days of Ancient Greece. Even though sexism appears in different forms, they all essentially share the same humiliating feelings toward women.…show more content…
For example, Antigone seems to be impervious toward Creon’s misogynistic ways; however, her sister, Ismene, is seen to be internalizing the idea that women are insignificant compared to men. We see the impact that this sexist culture has on Ismene when she tells Antigone, “We must remember that by birth we’re women, and, as such, we shouldn’t fight with men. Since those who rule are much more powerful, we must obey in this and in events which bring us even harsher agonies… Since I’m being compelled, I will obey those in control. That’s what I’m forced to do. It makes no sense to try to do too much” (77-85). In this excerpt, Ismene is portraying her beliefs that women are weak and that it would be useless if they (women) “try to do too much”. It disheartened me when I read this passage, because Ismene is basically telling her strong-willed sister that it would be pointless to fight against Creon; instead, they should yield to Creon’s orders. It is evident by this excerpt that not every woman reacts the same way toward sexism. Some, like Ismene, may internalize those demeaning values and live by them. Others, like Antigone, seem unaffected by society’s harsh attitude toward
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