Turpin And The Grandmother Analysis

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Mrs. Turpin and Grandmother, the central characters of “Revelation” and “A good man is hard to find,” by Flannery O’Connor, are both in need of a truth check in their lives. . “As in all of O’Connor’s stories, the violent surface action only begins to suggest the depths and a complexity of meaning embedded in the story. This is especially true when considering the mystery of evil and its relation to the action of grace” (Desmond). Mrs. Turpin considers herself morally superior to others by being a “lady,” and she judges people on their appearance before she even knows them. The grandmother in “Revelation” is very self-centered and judgmental. She likes to label people as “good” or “bad” according to their social status. Both Stories by O’Connor are intended to portray a spiritual grace that is passed from one person to another in a life changing way. Mrs. Turpin and the Grandmother both struggle to grasp this grace; but eventually have no choice but to accept it. These two women have such a difficult time grasping this truth because; both of…show more content…
Turpin. She embodies traits that make her the “southern woman” she idolizes. Throughout her life, she has been struggling from the value systems she was raised knowing, to learning the culture of the current day. “The Grandmothers value system is founded upon Particular notions of aristocracy and heredity” (Owens). This meaning a specific class of higher ranked people cannot be continued through outward appearance but can be fixed in the blood. Since blood is a symbol of worth and respect these particular ladies will be ladies and the less fortunate will remain in their subsidiary places. This outlook is reflected when she goes on a trip with her family. She dresses in a detailed collared dress in case they got in an accident, anyone would know she was a lady. Ironically they get into an accident and this is where she sees realizes the truth O’Connor wants us to
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