The Romantic View Of Human Nature

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The Romantic View of Human Nature is said to believe its good vs. evil. This is a fashionable view. “According to Rousseau and the present day proponents of this view, we are born innocent and good.” Most people believe that society corrupts us and then that’s when the evil side in us comes out. I believe this to be true because in God’s eyes we are all created equal yet we are born sinners. It’s up to us as Americans to follow or take a path. We could go left and be innocent and good, or we can go right and be of the world and do the things that we know are bad. According to the companion book, “victims are never truly guilty because they are never truly responsible for their own actions” due to the influences of society. I disagree with that because American’s can’t blame everything on society. We are all responsible for our own actions. I do believe this principle is under assault today because Americans do both right and wrong. If I were to rob a bank, that would be a choice that I made. No one made me or force me to do it. I would have chosen to do this crime and I should be held responsible. The Traditional View of Human Nature is similar to the romantic view regarding good vs. evil except it’s not fashionable but more widely-held. The vision of Dr. Jekyll was to create a race of angels (human beings) with a desire to only do good. According to the reading his experiment failed and the small spot in his soul grew and grew until he was completely possessed. Jekyll was pure evil and in return became the infamous Mr. Hyde. I believe there is some good and evil in everyone, yet they already have set up in their minds, from values taught by family, how they will react or respond to certain situations, weather good or bad. The Traditional View states we are free and responsible agents and we are free to choose our choices. Similar to the Romantic View “If good

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