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Universal Moral Essay

  • Submitted by: mhossa81
  • on November 1, 2011
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Mathieu Normandin
October 4th 2011
Annotated Bibliography
Universal Morality
The goal of universal morality is to maximize happiness and fulfillment for the present and future human beings. In the past centuries and decades universal morality has had its fair share of changes in what it stands for. So many philosophers have their own idea on what morality can be described as. For this research paper Immanuel Kant will be the center of attention.
Zuchert,R. (2004). Boring Beauty and Universal Morality: Kant on the ideal of Beauty. 107-109.
This article clarifies Kant’s view on universal morality. Immanuel Kant was a very intellectual philosopher who believed that morality was seen through beauty. In Zuchert’s essay she exposes the symbol of morality in Kant’s vision. The way humans view other humans is through beauty to represent the moral goodness of that person. The best example in her text is the way she compared morality to visual arts as example saints, angels, and the virgin Mary are seen as consistently beautiful as the devils, demons are represented as hideous. The way to view another humans morality through good or bad is by their looks. This is a concept that’s been taken to mind for so many centuries now. Our mind is overly blinded by this concept because even though we intend to deny these true facts it is politically correct that we do view others by their standard of looks.
This website distinguishes between the way humans should perceive universal morality as a whole. I really took the time to understand what the website brings up itself as a lot of very good points. This website really demonstrates a whole bunch of different ways humans can verify universal morality in a positive aspect to help each and everyone of us become a whole. The only way to stop wars and gang fights. The true principles that universal morality shows its conflicts that philosophy has no absolute truth and that...

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